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Earning £40k to £200k pa from your contract work?

Retain up to 90% of your income after tax with our Umbrella Company alternative.

“I want an umbrella company that will:”

  • Let me retain up to 90% of my income
  • Be free to set-up and free to leave
  • Mitigate any risk of IR35, EBT or MSC legislation
  • Give me free insurance
  • Not worry my agency
  • Ensure I’m paid on time
  • Not make me afraid of the tax man
  • Be professional and reliable
  • Give me great service

Compare income after tax

The average contractor saves £25,000 per year using betterpay compared to PAYE.

By using betterpay you can retain up to 90%* of your current earnings after tax. This means you could be tens of thousands of pounds better off each year when compared to PAYE, an Umbrella Company or by setting up your own limited company.

*Based on variables

To see some examples of how much better off you could be please see our tax savings table.